Vintage White Elephant®

Handcrafted Dog Beds

When Sophie came to visit her cousin Abby in New Jersey, it was always a predicament as to where she would sleep. Sophie loved burrowing between the couch pillows or perching on top of the velvet couch to look out the window. She especially liked taking a nap under the covers in the big bed upstairs. But her favorite place of all was sleeping on Abby’s dog bed which had been made exclusively for Abby. Since Abby didn’t want to share, another very special bed was needed for Sophie and this is how Vintage White Elephant handcrafted dog beds came to be.

When you buy a Vintage White Elephant handcrafted dog bed, you are buying a bed that is not only comfortable and cozy for your dog, but will also be a beautiful part of your home furnishings. As we all know, our dogs love to sleep wherever we are. Vintage White Elephant handcrafted dog beds are one-of-a-kind. Fabrics are chosen from all over the world including Paris, London, Italy, India, Nepal, and the USA. Some are new; some are vintage. Most importantly they are machine washable.

Each bed has been washed and tested so it can be unzipped and thrown in the washing machine. No worries about shrinkage. The insert is a thick down alternative pillow that keeps its shape and lets your dog nestle within. Down inserts can be custom ordered. A zippered vinyl cover which is bacteria resistant, waterproof, and micro vented protects the insert from any accidents. Each pillow is handcrafted in the USA.

All beds meet the Sophie and Abby standards.